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Thomas A. Parker, PhD Entomologist

Pest Control Services, Inc. is nationally recognized as the first entomological consulting practice in the structural pest control industry. It is devoted to providing technical consultation and training in a variety of entomological disciplines. Click on the icons for additional information.

A primary focus of the firm is to provide technical expert witness services to the legal community in the areas of wood-destroying organisms, pesticide misapplication, property contamination, and personal injury from pesticide misuse.

Another major area of expertise is the inspection and analysis of actual and potential pest problems for museums, historic properties, libraries, archives, and their collections. Prevention of museum pests with an IPPM program is critical to the health of any museum, library collection or structure.

In addition, PCS conducts workshops for pest control firms and associations, food processors, state and federal agencies, museum and library professionals, and others involved in the prevention and control of pests and mold outbreaks.

Please visit the Services Page for additional information. PCS can be contacted at or by calling me directly at the number listed below.

Are You Having Problems with Termites?

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  • Have you bought a home and discovered termite infestation and/or damage?
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Thomas A. Parker, PhD
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